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5 February

George Mann
Combined Unions' Choir

4 March

Foco Nuevo turns 8!
Ovidio Orellana
Nelson Mansilla
Oscar Orellana
Vanessa Losada
Jumping Fences

1 April

Old Semeil
Mark Cryle and Carmel Newman

6 May

May Day Special
Combined Unions' Choir
Phil Monsour
The Jar

3 June

Ian Dearden
Luna Junction

1 July

Songwriter's Circle
Rough Red

5 August

Caroline Hammond
Paul Bonetti

2 September

Toni Pollard Band
Mark Davidson

7 October

Wendy Murray Trio
Tim Palmer

4 November

The Songs of Tom Smith
Silken Thomas Minus One

4 December

Chanel Lucas
3 Miles from Texas