sounds of our town

 hosted by Jumping Fences


For Performers

Do you enjoy playing to an appreciative audience in an inviting and relaxed atmosphere? Do you enjoy feeling part of the music making community in Brisbane and hearing other local musicians? If you do then Foco Nuevo could be the place for you.

Foco Nuevo welcomes new musicians as well as keeping a space for those who come and support us on a more regular basis. In the troubadour style, we particularly encourage original material. We hold our concerts in Kurilpa Hall in West End and the audience, many of whom are musicians and artists, is an attentive crowd. We usually get around 50–60 people attending each month.

Foco Nuevo has been going continuously since 2008 and during that time we have enjoyed meeting musicians who share our passion for music and a desire to build a community of musicians. We encourage our guest performers to participate in the whole night, soak up the atmosphere and hear other performances on the night.

Program: We are now starting at 7pm. Our usual format is to have two guest acts each night, although we have had special nights with a series of solo performers each playing 3 songs. We (Jumping Fences) open the night with a song or two to welcome the audience and our guest performers. Finally, please note that our sets last for 30 minutes only; depending on introductions etc. that usually seems to be approximately 5 or 6 songs.

Sound equipment: We have a small PA system with foldback, and a sound person who mixes on the night. There is a bass amp and a small AER acoustic amplifier on stage, DIs, vocal and instrument mics available. Set up time and sound checks can usually be organised after 5.30 p.m.

Fees: Foco Nuevo is self-funded, and all musicians get a split of the door takings (our only source of income). We know that it's not a lot, but we try and maintain a sense of equality between the performers, and ensure that performers’ costs are met.

Availability: As we hold the event on a monthly basis only, the available spots fill up quickly so please contact us early if you would like to perform.

Publicity: If you are interested in performing at Foco Nuevo please send us a portrait-shaped photo, up to 80 word description of your music and any links to online music samples or websites. We update the upcoming performers’ page on our website each month. Our main form of advertising is our email flyer which we send out on the Friday of the week before Foco Nuevo. We would ask that you forward this to your email lists and supporters to maximise attendance on the night.

It may be worthwhile to come and see what Foco Nuevo is like, to get an idea of how suitable it is for you. If you come, please come and say hello. We hope to see you there.

Best wishes

Sue and Lachlan