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Welcome to the homepage of Foco Nuevo, the regular performance space for Jumping Fences, where we hold our online music events on the First Friday of every month.

Streaming on Friday 2nd October, 8pm AEST

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This month we bring you performances from Cuban trovadores; Erick Sánchez and Enid Rosales, and Julio Hernández.

We met Erick in 1996, first seeing him play at the Sala Atril in the Karl Marx Theatre. Later, on a subsequent visit he was playing with Enid who plays the Cuban tres.

Julio we met in 2001, at a memorable concert in Centro Pablo de la Torriente Brau in Old Havana. Many years later, in 2017, we renewed our friendship at his 'Musica por la Voluntad' concert in a small bar in Madrid.

Yet again we are very happy that we have a chance to present performances from these friends during the pandemic.

Don't miss out! Go to our Facebook event page to register (click 'Going', and you will receive a notification when the streaming starts.

And for those who would like to see our September Foco Nuevo, go to our Youtube channel by clicking here.

See you online!

Sue and Lachlan

Julio Hernández.

Enid Rosales and Erick Sánchez.

Jumping Fences.